The Southern Californian-style restaurant serving healthy recipes made with seasonal ingredients.

Lemonade is California’s latest import located in a Mall and although it looks suspiciously like a fast-food restaurant, don’t judge it too quickly as it really deserves a visit. Unlike most American chains in Dubai that offer calorific food with family size portions, this canteen-style eatery has a very impressive salad bar.  In fact for us, this is the ultimate salad selection with innovative recipes.

Although salads have a reputation of being boring, each dish here has been given a twist with surprising combination of ingredients that work very well together.  The carrots are served with caraway seeds, cabbage is cooked with turmeric and kale has some extra spice but the most surprising is the Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions!

For those who really aren’t into salads then there is an entire section dedicated to freshly cooked seasonal hot dishes including tajines, jerk chicken and slow-cooked short ribs.  Filling and delicious most of them are ideal with the homemade freshly baked bread or the light and airy basmati rice.

Lemonade is a great concept, in fact it is one of the first of its kind to be focused on serving that quintessential wholesome California cuisine in Dubai. With innovative and healthy recipes using seasonal products, we just wish the location could have been a bit better.

China Court
Ibn Battuta Mall
Tel:+9714 441 6931

Please note that we dined anonymously and paid the bill !
Lemonade - California- style Canteen in Dubai

Lemonade – California-style Canteen in Dubai

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