Inked Iftar in Dubai

INKED is hosting a Berber Iftar in Dubai throughout Ramadan.

Tired of the same food at the different Iftars around Dubai?  We recommend you head on over to INKED at Al Serkal,  a space that hosts conceptual dinners throughout the year.  During the Holy Month they are presenting Ramadan 2967, the year of 2017 according to the Berber agricultural calendar of Yennayer (or January). The Berber year, or the agrarian year, has been used since antiquity by the Berbers in North Africa, and is the only surviving form of the Julian calendar, from Roman times.

Just like many things in Berber culture, food and the very process of eating, revolves around both sharing and community. Many tribes still eat from one plate and drink from one glass, extolling the virtues of kinship, unity, family and togetherness. In this light, INKED warmly welcome you to their Berber world. Or, in other words, amrehba sisswène.

With Berber and North African minimalist design details accenting the already clean-lined INKED interior, the team behind this cultural food platform and space, have created an idiosyncratic and inspiring venue, sharing the very culture of food and community that still thrive today among tribes across North Africa.

Gastronomically, the dishes are an adaptation of traditional food inspired by the region, using staple ingredients such as Argan oil, vegetables, spices, couscous and tajines as well as traditional Berber techniques, utilizing low and slow cooking methods and the preserving of vegetables and fruits.

From an array of classic North-African starters, with a superlative INKED twist that is meant for sharing, you can choose from dishes such as zucchini zaalouk salad with roasted almonds and pomegranate dressing, to individual main courses such as slow-cooked beef with green peas, fava beans, artichokes and preserved lemon tajine. A vegetarian option is also available: the Barleysotto (risotto with a barley base instead of rice) served with glazed summer garden vegetables. Desserts to share will transport you back in time with a mille-feuille whipped with amlou ganache and candied cinnamon nuts, to and a tiger cake with raz al hanout, a spice mix from North Africa, among other surprises.

Iftar at INKED will be served every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during Ramadan from Iftar time.

It is priced at 300 AED per person including starters, main course, desserts, juices, coffee & tea.


AL Serkal Avenue 

For more information please visit

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