french patsserie dubai
french patisserie dubai

Found in Dubai: French pastry at its absolute best

The quest is finally over, because we have unearthed right here in Dubai the latest dessert craze that the Frenchies are totally obsessed with. Goodbye cupcakes, move over macarons, farewell cronuts and welcome to the latest dessert addition: the choux a la crème.

Profiterole, cream puffs, shu cream-whatever you want to call them, this adorable and colorful puff pastry filled with flavored light cream custard has landed on our shores in a fairly new but discreetly hidden away bakery, Eugenie 1856 whose concept is to introduce the UAE to all the latest “high end food trends” from Europe. They have definitely got the choux right because not only does it look colorful but also tastes divine-very different to the versions so far – in most bakeries here.

choux eugenie

The choux comes in many different flavors and we have to admit that the vanilla ones (made with pure vanilla pods) and the decadent chocolate, are our favorite ones – but don’t despair because they also do pistachio and raspberry. The dough recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and is kept safely locked up by the French chef.

These little treats are bite-sized desserts and the quantity is perfectly portioned so free yourself from the guilt and try them today.

Choux can be home delivered – minimum order is 12 pieces (9AED per regular size and 6AED per small size)

Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai
Tel +971 4 420 7741
PS: here is a video about the making of the choux that will definitely have you craving for some…

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