markette place dubai mall
markette place dubai mall

Finding eateries that are suitable for kids is always a challenge but our latest discovery is ideally located in Downtown Dubai and has exactly that homely ambience we are looking for when dining out with children in Dubai.

With an uninterrupted view of the Dubai Mall Aquarium, it has a distinctly rustic and cozy décor.  The star of the menu is the crepe that comes with all types of sweet and savory toppings that are traditional and non-traditional-it is also one of the only places where we found such a wide variety of crepes in Dubai.

We started with the Francois, a savory crepe filled with turkey ham, mozzarella and gruyere cheese and topped with eggs-simple flavors it is was tasty and satisfying.

If your family can’t resist French fries then the truffle and parmesan fries although very decadent are definitely a must-try.

The sweet crepes are something the children will adore-with lots of different indulgent toppings including, chocolate and ice cream we couldn’t resist the Claudette.  Our crepe came with a generous serving of salted butter caramel syrup and vanilla ice cream topped with roasted bananas-we wiped our plate clean!

Markette is the ideal place to eat at while spending the day at the mall-with a relaxed vibe and a view we never tire of it is also the place to bring out of town guests that have children with them.

Dubai Mall
Tel:+971 4 362 7500

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