Discover the Dubai-based Chocolate makers located in Al Quoz.

As self-confessed Chocolate addicts, we couldn’t contain our excitement went we heard about Dubai’s first bean to bar chocolate factory. Tucked away in the creative cultural district of Al Quoz, Mirzam produces high quality bars of chocolate, created directly from cocoa beans, adding only unrefined cane sugar.

Mirzam Chocolate Shop Dubai

The most exciting part is that you can watch the entire process from the roasting of the cacao beans to the hand wrapping of each bar at the factory in Alserkal Avenue.

Their launch collection of single origin chocolate bars are crafted with beans picked from five small plantations, located in areas along the maritime Spice Route.

Each plantation produces cocoa that offers a distinctively unique tasting experience, highlighting the natural variations in real chocolate. Every batch of single origin cocoa beans are hand sorted, gently roasted, ground and finally poured into 70g bars.

The single origin chocolate bars available at present are:

Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate

Papua New Guinea 72% Dark Chocolate

India 65% Dark Chocolate

Indonesia 65% Dark Chocolate

Vietnam 65% Dark Chocolate

The Spiced bars are made with 62% Single Origin chocolate from Ghana, and include Orange & Cinnamon, Rose, Coffee & Cardamon, Dates & Fennel and Figs, Star Anise & Cinnamon.

There is a tasting area, where we sat down to experience the bars. There was a choice of two platters the West to East (the traders sailed to the East, exploring the Spice Route – a tasting platter of our five single origin chocolates – 34 AED) and East to West (when the traders sailed back with the spices – a tasting platter of our five spiced bars – 38 AED).  We loved our West to East platter that we enjoyed with coffee.

Mirzam Chocolate Tasting in Dubai

The single origin bars are priced between 32 AED and 35 AED, and spiced bars between 36 and 39. They also have a range of multi-pack and gift packaging options. 

 They also have Cocoa Nibs (56 AED 250g) and Cocoa Tea (35 AED) for sale. 



Warehouse 70

Al Serkal Avenue


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