SHELLAC DUBAI galina salon
SHELLAC DUBAI galina salon

We went wakeboarding and tenpin bowling. We launched ourselves across a gorge while hanging onto a zip wire and dug fresh soil to grow rosemary seeds. Not to mention the hours of keyboard bashing to keep our readers informed. And still our nails survived. Not one rip or one chip. It’s been two weeks and our Shellac polished fingernails are still strong, shiny, bright and scratch free. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

‘What is this Shellac’ the uninitiated ask? Well, actually it’s a resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. You did ask. It is then processed and sold as dry flakes which are dissolved in denatured alcohol to make liquid shellac which is used to make many things, most importantly for us, a glossy luxurious polish that, try as you might, just doesn’t come off. Unless of course you want it to, in which case you return to the friendly Galina salon with it’s fantastic background music and they’ll do the necessary. You’ll never leave the salon and chip your nails before you’ve even made it to your car again.

Galina’s Beauty Salon
Al Barsha 1
Shop 17, Saratoga Bldg
Tel: +971 43418851

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