Try Parafango, an in-depth treatment that stimulates blood circulation to break down cellulite

Tips and Toes, the Hairstyle Salon and Beauty Spa, have recently introduced, Paranfango Cellulite Treatment, a new treatment against Cellulite. Forever on a quest to find a way to get rid of our own cellulite, we keenly accepted the invitation to try the treatment at their Al Barsha Branch. If like too many women in the world you are suffering from cellulite, read on as this treatment might be the one for you…

So, what is Paranfango Cellulite Treatment all about?

It starts with the therapist exfoliating the parts of the body that will be treated (lower or/and upper body). A concentrate serum (Aminocel ampoules) to eliminate toxins and treat cellulite is spread on the skin surface of the body parts to treat. Parafango, a mix between paraffin (a waxy substance) and fango (a type of mud) is then applied all over the body (we chose the legs and bottom only but it is also effective on the belly, back and arms if you suffer from cellulite in those area). Parafango has a muddy consistency and is applied with a paintbrush. The mud is applied quite warm on the body so it can be a bit surprising at first. It is then left to dry and the body parts are covered in plastic wrap to keep the warmth.  The heat from Parafango is purported to increase lymph flow and circulation to an area and to help draw out toxins.

Once the Parafango is hard and thick, it is gently removed and the therapist starts to massage the areas treated to stimulate the blood circulation.

The treatment lasts for one hour and half and is quite intense with many steps but we felt a difference on our legs once it is was finished.

We especially liked the fact that the treatment was really deep and comprehensive with very clear steps. It is recommended to have 5 series of treatments to see full benefits on the cellulite with even slimming effects.

The Parafango Cellulite Treatment is priced at 315 AED.

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