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We’ve been fans of Sally Hansen’s amazing Airbrush Spray since we first discovered it in Europe – and been desperately hunting for the product in the UAE ever since so we could stock up. So when we finally stumbled upon the product hidden in the aisles of Carrefour, we were over the moon that one of our favourite products has finally hit Dubai shores!

So, what exactly is it? If you suffer from varicose veins, scarred, or bumpy legs, this product is set to become your new best friend. Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Spray (46 AED) means that you can finally flaunt those pins! The weightless spray covers up imperfections – but no one will know you are wearing it, as it looks completely natural.

It comes in several different shades, so you can rest assured that there is the perfect match to your skin tone. Spray it on and your legs will immediately take on a natural, subtle glow and appear flawless. It is both water-resistant and long lasting – and as an added bonus, it is optically slimming.

Kim Kardashian, who suffers from psoriasis on her legs, swears by this product – and we can understand why. It’s our favourite new beauty secret, allowing us to throw out those ugly sheer tights and show off our legs with pride!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs was found in Carrefour in MOE


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