vault couture services for wardrobe
vault couture services for wardrobe

You know it’s a Carrie Bradshaw type of problem when kitchen cabinets are being used to store clothes and shoes! If your home is a shrine to your incurable fashion obsession then you definitely need more storage space!

Obviously you aren’t alone when it comes to the struggle with clothes versus space and Vault Couture gets that.  So who exactly is this highly sympathetic Vault Couture then?

A luxury high-end wardrobe-management service!  Yes, you heard us right, they store items in a safe vault more secure than any government nuclear facility with controlled temperatures.

Any item you ask them to keep they photograph it from different angles and build a virtual library for you. You can easily access it from anywhere and have your items delivered globally whenever you need them (see you in Cannes, DVF wrap dress!).

But, of course this is definitely on our wish list so till we can save up to afford it we will scour through Pinterest for other innovative storage ideas.

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