Find a pair of trainers you love and want them in every colour? You will fall head over heels for NÃO – a Brazilian brand that creates a single model of shoe, in an almost infinite number of colours and fabrics.

Much like our favourite brand of Brazilian flip-flops, customers can have fun collecting the single design in their favourite colour combinations. There are so many hues and fabrics available, that each pair is very unique. They are also incredibly comfortable, being designed originally for dancers of the capoeira. Flexible and very lightweight – once you pull a pair onto your feet, you won’t want to wear anything else.

The trainers are designed for women, men and children, and available in sizes 2 to 12/18 to 47. We love the fact that they are homemade and truly unique – and we’re not the only ones, as a host of celebrities and personalities from sports and entertainment industries are already fans of the stylish footwear.


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