Fed up of hair removal? Wish you could skip a few days without having to cover up your legs – or even better, throw away the razor, wax, epilators, or laser treatments altogether? We may have found the solution…

We’ve discovered a Hair Inhibiting Spray that takes just a few seconds to apply and works impressively quickly. Better still, the ingredients are completely natural, with the formula containing a blend of purified plant and citrus extracts, with natural moisturisers and antibacterial agents.

Spray the light, non-greasy spray over the area you want to reduce hair growth (twice a day initially, then dropping to just once a day) and you will notice the hair becoming softer, lighter in colour, and eventually resembling ‘peach fuzz’ from just the first use.

Dubai Confidential has tried it – and just three weeks after the first spray, the hair on our legs is already growing noticeably slower. We’re impressed.

Stop Hair is available at for 225 AED (£39.95) with free delivery worldwide.


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