It’s true there is a spa at every corner in Dubai, but this particular one is very special. Always on the lookout for new therapies we recently tried the aromatherapy massage ‘Inner Strength Experience’ that has been developed by using a unique oil combination of clary sage, frankincense, cardamom, rosemary, rose, vetivert and geranium.

Not knowing what to expect we started the massage by first having our feet soaked in warm water inside a copper pot-a ritual that we seriously enjoyed!

Once on the massage bed we began by inhaling the oils with three large breaths-that had this magical calming effect. The therapist began to work her magic-expertly she used firm but effective movements to work on every knot in the body.  Starting with the shoulders and back she worked her way to the legs and finally the head.

The 60 minutes went by far quicker than we would have liked and quite frankly the head massage should have lasted a tiny bit longer.  Not quite ready to leave we first went to a quiet zone where we lounged on a bed and enjoyed ginger tea.   The spa allows guests to use the e steam room and sauna and we didn’t miss that opportunity either and spent our own sweet time in both. 

The massage was soothing and left us feeling extremely calm and refreshed-but unfortunately the price is high (510AED). Although initially disappointed by the lack of wifi access it is actually a great idea and allowed us to switch off and just enjoy this downtime! 

‘Inner Strength Experience’
ShuQi Spa
Atlantis The Palm
Tel:+9714-426 0000


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