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Sisley Soir d'Orient

Sisley Paris has something for Dubai Confidential readers

Eau du Soir by Sisley Paris was inspired by Isabelle d’Ornano’s childhood memory of walking in the gardens of Alcazar in Seville. The Seringa flower that would develop its essence at dusk evoked Eau du Soir.

Today, in 2015, the latest perfume by Sisley Paris is Soir d’Orient-sparkling and mesmerising, a variation of Eau du Soir, also comes from a journey into the past. Back to Seville, in the golden times of “convivencia” when communities shared their knowledge and cultures, but this time inside the palace, a gem whose architecture was influenced by Islamic tradition.

As the doors of the palace open, there is the Arabic-Andalusian music and we are pulled further through the secret door into The Courtyard of the Maidens. An enchantment of an Eastern night, with enigmatic depth and warm opulence, it is Chypre, Floral and Oriental.

Soir d’Orient has a sparkling and mesmerising start, a floral and spicy heart and a woody and mysterious wake. A piece of art, it comes in two sizes 100 ml and 50 ml (1030 AED and 700 AED).

Soir d'Orient by Sisley

To celebrate the launch of Soir d’Orient, Sisley Paris is running an exclusive event where Soir d’Orient will be introduced to the public. Private makeup sessions by a professional artist will be available along with samples from the Sisley Paris line of cosmetics.

There is of course a special reward for Dubai Confidential readers who purchase Soir d’Orient, including the option to have their name engraved on the bottle (in calligraphy) and a special makeup product to take home by Sisley Paris! This service is only available exclusively at Galeries Lafayette for 10 days only.

Soir d’Orient* by Sisley Paris will be on display from the 1st until 10th of April at Galeries Lafayette (Ground Floor) in Dubai Mall.

* Soir d’Orient will available at Paris Gallery stores, Galeries Lafayette, Bloomingdales, Debenhams MOE, Wojooh MOE

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