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Zanzibar Beauty Salon is a blissful haven for all your beauty needs.

Bringing an islandic touch and captivating scents of the crystal blue waters, Zanzibar Beauty Salon, is a tranquil retreat, tucked away in an inviting villa on Al Wasl.

Dedicated to revitalize mind, body and soul, Zanzibar Beauty Salon is a sanctuary of serenity and holistic rituals exclusively curated to create a blissful journey of rejuvenating and reinvigorating all five senses for the ultimate wellbeing. With a harmonious Zanzibar-inspired ambience and interiors that reflect Bohemic, earthy tones, the salon aims to provide a refreshing experience with their exclusive range of renowned products and services.

Beauty, wellness and revival, Zanzibar Beauty Salon brings the true meaning of rejuvenation to life with ancient practices and renowned beauty traditions that were prevalent in Tanzania.

We recently tried their Advance Hydrafacial and the results were spectacular. In just over an hour, the hardworking facial leaves the skin looking smooth and glowy.

The treatment began with cleansing and hydradermabrasion exfoliation, to prepare the skin for the next steps. This was followed by a gentle Chemical Peel that didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Next came the tedious task of extractions. The therapist worked hard to make sure all the blackheads and whiteheads were removed. Next was the Ultra-cavitation Treatment which is a form of micro currents to help tone the face and break down any fat cells.

Finally a sheet mask was applied to the skin and while the mask did its work, the therapist massaged my neck and shoulders-this was extremely relaxing and I think I may just have slept for a few minutes as well.

Once the mask was done, the therapist applied a serum and cream to the face before covering it with a muslin cloth and going ahead with the high frequency device.

This facial is a must-try for anyone suffering from acne and generally dull and sagging skin.

Zanzibar Beauty Salon is located on Al Wasl Road.

+971 50 660 6442


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