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UFO by Sunday Riley

UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil helps prevents breakouts and clears the skin.

Tired of the constant acne breakouts, we decided to give the UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley a try. Infused with exfoliating salicylic acid, it also contains antibacterial tea tree and black cumin seed oil-all three ingredients are known for their ability fight and prevent acne.  The formula also includes neroli and chamomile-both of which can help calm the skin.

Don’t let the alien name or the deep green color put you off, this is one formula that did really help our troubled skin.  The smell is also quite strong, but it is all worth it for the results that we experienced.

A dry oil, it instantly absorbs into the skin and you can also top it with a moisturizer.  After using it for just a few days we saw results.  It calmed our acne and also helped brighten the complexion.

The oil can be used day or night after cleansing.  Simply take a few drops and massage them onto the entire face.  It is recommended that the oil must be used sparingly when you first start and then increase the usage gradually.

UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil is available at Net-A-Porter for 329 AED.

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