radial bee venom

Looking for a non-invasive plumping quick fix?

Want to focus on your wrinkles without opting for an invasive solution? One of our favourite range called ‘Bee Venom’ by RODIAL has a product we were keen on trying. The Bee Venom Micro-Sting Patch mask is sold either in an individual sachet with two patches or in a pack with 4 sachets of 2 patches.

How does it work?
The patch has a rough texture because of the 350 micro cones at the surface filled with powerful ingredients including Bee Venom, Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and amino-acides. By applying the patch onto your the area with the fine lines (laughter zone, nose to mouth lines, contou of the eyes or crow’s feet, under the eyes, frown lines on the forehead), you first press firmly on the patch to get a good adhesion between the patch and the skin and allow the powerful ingredients to dissolve, infuse and penetrate lower layers of the skin.

You can either leave the patch on for 30 minutes for a quick fix or 60 minutes for better results.
We got a sample to try and decided to apply it on our smile lines for an hour. It surprisingly didn’t sting at all despite the bee venom. After an hour, we just peeled off the patch and we were done. Our smile lines looked less deep than before and the treated zone felt plumper.

Overall, it is a costly product (595 AED for 4 sachets) that we will reach out for occasionally.

What we liked
– The sachets can easily fit in a travel suitcase and can be used anytime, anywhere
– You can either purchase one sachet with two patches for a first try or go for the pack of 4 sachets containing 2 patches.
– You can apply these patches on different areas on your face, depending on your skin concerns.

What we liked less
– We actually needed to watch a video made by Rodial to make sure we used to the patch correctly. The video made us understand how important it was to press firmly on the patch as it was the only way the product would be released onto the skin.

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