This add-on service is a must-try with your next mani/pedi.

Tips & Toes is our go-to when it comes to getting our bi-weekly manicure and pedicure. The efficient service and relaxing atmosphere are a few of the many reasons why we are regulars at this reliable nail salon.

Our local branch is the Greens Town Centre where you can go in for your nails but leave perfectly groomed with your eyebrows threaded, legs waxed and even a mini facial using Glamglow.

We love their manicure and pedicure as we leave with our hands and feet looking perfect. The service includes everything from cutting, shaping, buffing to taking care of the cuticles and our favourite part-massage before the polish is applied.

If like us, you love getting a good firm massage, then we have good news to share! Tip & Toes now gives you the option to add a Gemstone Massage to any nail service throughout April for only AED10.

As you may already know, we are all about crystals and so we were eager to try this new service. Promising to realign your chakras and find your inner peace-we are sold!

Once the nails have been perfectly cut, shaped and buffed, our therapist applied the most exquisite smelling fruit scrub on the arms and then massaged the arms and hands with Rose Quartz (known for its calming properties) for the hands to clear toxins and relieve stress.

On the feet our therapist applied the same refreshing fruit scrurb and then used a flat Jade stone (known for its nurturing and healing properties) on the feet to heal and protect.

The scrub was then left on for another 5 minutes and then washed off-leaving us feeling balanced and revitalized. The skin also felt smooth and super soft-what more can we ask for?

The last step was to apply the nail color. This add-on treatment is a lovely new addition that we will be taking full advantage of each time we book in for an appointment.

Tips & Toes is located across different areas in Dubai. To get the details log on to their website or further details by calling 04 399 0550.


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