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 Lamazuna is 100% natural and vegan solid deodorant.

In a bid to rethink the chemicals we expose our body to, we decided to try out the 100% natural and vegan solid deodorant by Lamazuna.  Handmade in France, we were instantly drawn to its bright packaging and no-fuss, economical presentation.

Our fear was that perhaps it won’t work as well in Dubai given the high desert temperatures.  Having used it for a while (including when it was 40 degrees Celsius outside), we realized that even though the deodorant by Lamazuna is free from alcohol and aluminium, it still performs well and prevents body odour without reducing the natural process of sweating.  We adore the subtle natural rose scent that lingers on the entire day.

A brand that is focused on respecting the environment, this deodorant is not just friendly on the skin but it is also mindful of the environment.  The simple packaging and mild recipe do not in any way harm the environment or create any extra waste.

We found the rich formula infused with Palmarosa oil is far more effective than any of the alum deodorants we have tried in the past.  As promised it also worked better than the generic deodorants we are used to using.

Easy to use you simply need to wet the deodorant under tap water and then apply a thin layer under the arms.

Suitable for all skin types, the Lamazuna solid deodorant is a must-try.

Lamazuna can be ordered online on

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