Uses of vaseline

The multipurpose ways to use Vaseline on a daily basis.

Vaseline is the classic and reliable way to fix those chapped lips, but that isn’t all.  Don’t be fooled by this humble and inexpensive product because it serves more than just one purpose.  In fact Vaseline has many uses, and it is the ultimate affordable beauty remedy that is a must-have.

Check out our many uses of Vaseline below:

Keep your untamed and frizzy hair under control by rubbing vaseline over it.

Make your perfume last longer by first rubbing some on the areas you will spray your scent on.

Rub over your ear lobes before wearing any heavy and stubborn earrings to help them slip in easily.

If you are struggling to remove false eyelashes, apply on your eyes to help them glide off.

Mix it with your bronzer to make your legs glow like a runway model.

Replace it with a highlighter by gently dabbing some on the high points of your face.

Clean away any makeup marks from your clothes, sheets and towels by rubbing some vaseline with water over them.

Apply some on your eyelashes at night to help them grow thicker and longer.

Clean your leather bags and shoes with it and give them that extra shine.

Mix it with some sugar and scrub your lips to make them smooth.

Help soothe sunburn by applying over red skin.

Apply on your heels and wear socks overnight to get soft, summer-ready feet.

Vaseline is available in all grocery stores and pharmacies across Dubai (21 AED for 480 ml).

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