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You won’t regret trying the Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask by MV Organics.


Do you suffer from oily, congested and pimple-prone skin? If you are tired of trying to find a solution for calming your angry skin then look no further.  You need to get your hands on the Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask by MV Organics, as it can really change the way your skin looks and feels.

This powerful, specialized mask works wonders for those with oily, congested, acne-prone and blemished skins and helps revive dull and overworked complexions.

Made using superfine sun dried green French clay and superfine sun dried white French clay alongwith some other powerful ingredients, this mask is the answer to all your skin woes.

How to use the Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask by MV Organics

First cleanse, then using the MV Mask Brush, mix 2 teaspoons to a smooth creamy consistency with spring or filter water. To customize this mask, you may now add 3 drops of your favourite face oil. Apply to face and neck with either your fingers or a brush and relax for 7–10 mins. While mask is still slightly damp remove with warm water and a muslin cloth or face washer.

Never let the mask dry completely. Most people do this at least once, but this final drying stage of the mask draws moisture from the surface of the skin, leaving the skin blotchy and feeling very tight and dehydrated.

The Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask by MV Organics is priced at approximately 169 AED.






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