Apple cider

Take note of the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

When we think of Apple Cider Vinegar we usually associate it with salad dressing.  Well, think again because this multi-purpose kitchen cabinet staple is in fact a multi-tasking, miracle worker.  Organic, raw and unfiltered is the way we like to buy it and not just to add a slight oomph to our salad.

Hailed by beauty experts and adopted by celebrities, this is a must-add to your daily beauty routine. The humble vinegar can solve all our beauty problems from acne to dandruff.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Use it as a toner to help fight any acne and bacteria infections

Use it to clear dandruff by washing your hair with it

Use it to add natural highlights by rinsing your hair with it

Use it to sooth sunburn by applying it to the affected areas on your skin

Use it for aiding weight-loss by mixing it in hot water and drinking it

Use it to fight bad breath by gargling with it

Use it to remove nail stains by dipping your hands in a few tablespoons of it mixed with water

Use it to get rid of cellulite by adding it to your body oil or lotion

Use it to soothe your muscles by adding it to your bath

Use it to clean your makeup brushes and get rid of any germs lurking on them

Available across the UAE supermarkets 

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