Oval 10 Flat Makeup Brush

The must-have foundation brushes that are worth investing in.

When we first heard about the Artis flat toothbrush like foundation brushes we were skeptical. But once we got our hands on them we couldn’t help but notice how incredibly soft and luxurious they were.

artisNamed after the Latin word for skill, these ergonomically designed brushes complement facial contours and are made with exclusive CosmeFibre® filaments that distribute product evenly over the skin. These innovative designed brushes are have angled handles, making them easy to use.

Artis Collection of 10 brushesThe collection of ten brushes (available to order here) can be used for applying lip color or concealer to eyeliner, foundation, blush and contour makeup.

Not just for makeup artists, they give the most even and flawless finish. The good news is that unlike other brushes the fibre will not shed and are long-lasting. Albeit expensive they are worth investing in as no other brush can give you such an immaculate airbrushed finish.

To order the Artis flat tootbrush, click here.


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