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Where to go for Chinese New Year 2016

The Chinese New Year is being celebrated on the 8th of February this year. For us, it is always a good excuse to use this occasion to visit an authentic Chinese restaurant in Dubai and indulge in special treats and dress up in red (the lucky color).

Zheng HeChinese restaurant Zengh He’s, located in Mina Salaam, is one of our favorite spots for dinner. The décor is quite formal and sophisticated inside. Outdoors they have a distinctive Asian themed terrace that stands along the canal with striking views of the iconic Burj Al Arab-always our preferred choice of seating.

A reputable restaurant for fine modern Chinese food, they have a special set menu for the occasion, that we had the pleasure to preview. To celebrate the year of the Monkey, they have featured traditional dishes that start with a hot bowl of soup, a light broth with tasty shredded braised chicken pieces, scallops and Chinese Mushroom.

Mains include Sizzling Wagyu steak in black pepper sauce, the meat is enjoyable but slightly too fatty for our taste. The feast carries on with roasted Chinese spiced chicken and fried rice with chicken sausage served on a lotus leaf – a staple dish that is delectable.

Zheng HeThe steamed cod-fish fillet with pickled radish (photo above) on a bed of tofu won us over and we were quick to finish it off. The fish was moist and chunky and perfectly seasoned with a distinctive sweet soy sauce flavor. The stir-fried Scottish scallops, shrimps and Macadamia nuts with pieces of dragon fruits combined sweet and savory flavors.

For the final note, we had a pan-fried Chinese Rice cake with a soup made with lotus seeds and red dates – although the rice cake texture was a bit chewy it was a light desert that wasn’t too sweet.

Chinese New Year Menu is available from February 7-24
350 AED per person, with a minimum order of two people
Jumeirah Mina A’Salam
Tel:+971 4 366 6159

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