The delicatessen that we’ve always longed for in Dubai has finally opened. Located in Dubai Marina, Market & Platters has a modern, stylish interior and is packed to the brim with food options that will make your mouth water in anticipation!

Fruit and vegetables line the walls in sections, providing a splash of colour to the neutral walls and displays. Spotlights on the ceiling above the fish counter shine down on the tempting array of ice-encased seafood below – it’s the first place we headed when we walked through the doors!

Why is this place so special?  Few reasons:

– Their takeaway Tuna Salad reminds us of the ones from La Petite Maison in DIFC, but it’s a smaller and cheaper version.

– Their fish counter is long, with a huge selection of fish and seafood so there’s no need to drive 10 minutes to Geant or Carrefour if you live in the Marina..

– Their Seafood Salads are fresh from the sea! This makes it the only deli we’ve found in Dubai where they sell freshly cooked seafood salads – a welcome change to the usual pre-prepared chewy calamari, octopus and mussels widely found here.

-They sell tomatoes that taste like tomatoes (and not water!)

-Their cheese selection

Market & Platters (close to Spinney on the Marina Promenade and in front of Version Francaise hairdresser).
Tiger Tower.
Dubai Marina.

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