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YAVA is the perfect spot to start your day.

Tucked away in Wasl 51, YAVA, is a brand new Mediterranean restaurant. Named after Yafa, which is known for its orange trees, the modern but soothing decor really drew us in. The attention to detail is immaculate and the place has a very relaxing ambience.

We went over bright and early at 8 am when they open their doors. Eager to try their breakfast offerings, we really had a tough time picking just a few dishes. The selection of breakfast food is great and includes everything from pancakes to different style eggs.

We decided to go for the lavish Yava Special that includes a platter of dishes from across the Mediterranean including;  Nutella, Honey Comb with Cream, Orange Jam Tahini with Grape Molasses, Fresh Fruits, Labneh, Mixed Cheese, Cold Cuts, Grilled Soujuk, Olives, Two Sunny Side Up Eggs & Mediterranean Bagel. The spread was fabulous and we devoured it all with the piping hot breads.

The eggs benedict are another great option and include avocado and salmon. We also tried their version of the menemen eggs-scrambled with bell pepper and a few spices-this went well with the olives and cheese.

There is a selection of specialty coffees and drinks to pick from while you wait for your food.

YAVA is a the perfect place to come by for breakfast with friends and family. We ended up staying for a few hours and next time plan to bring along our laptop and work from there.

YAVA is located in Wasl 51 Block A.

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