Elegance, fashion, music, vibrance, art, energy, food for thought and lights!

Not only is La Cantine Du Faubourg one of the most popular French restaurants in Dubai, but it is also arguably the best food too. Its original location in France, opened its doors more than a decade ago, doing its “little turn on the catwalk” of Paris’ top fashion avenue, at n°105 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. What was previously a site for a bank quickly bloomed into one of the City of Lights’ addresses for a hip lunch, after-work drinks, dining and entertainment.

There are many reasons for its success. First and foremost, la Cantine du Faubourg’s creators, Pierre Pirajean and Helena Paraboschi are artists and sculptors.

The concept relies on five key principles: sound, music, image, art and food. A hybrid private playground and a multi-sensory experience.

The atmosphere is always buzzing. While the inside has a relaxed but sophisticated vibe, the outdoor terrace is fabulous during the cooler months.

The menu is an eclectic mix of exceptional dishes that celebrate La Cantine du Faubourg’s heritage – with more than a soupçon of international flavour.

From classic foie gras terrine to coquillettes de mon enfance, Wagyu short ribs and truffled burrata pizza. Each dish is the work of renowned chef Gilles Bosquet, whose menus reimagine that quintessential Parisian cuisine in an inimitable style.

In the sharing plates the Escargots de Bourgogne and Gambas with garlic & coriander sauce are ideal. In the mains the Wagyu flank steak served with pickles & sundried tomato es jus is a fabulous pick.

The decadent chocolate fondant façon soufflé accompanied with white chocolate ice cream is the best way to end the meal.

La Cantine is modern Paris in a heartthrob.

LA CANTINE DU FAUBOURG is located in Emirates Towers.


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