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Crab Market: Seafood restaurant and lounge in DIFC.

We were recently invited to Dubai’s seafood haven, Crab Market. Located in Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC, the casual dining offers fresh, delicious seafood, served alongside stunning views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai skyline, but it does take two elevators to reach the restaurant.

Offering fresh seafood from waters near and far, Crab Market is specialising in Kamchatka Crab imported directly from Russia. The restaurant offers a diverse menu including an innovative cabbage carpaccio served on a bed of parmesan and topped with truffle (65 AED). We highly recommend the classic tartare (185 AED) platter. Our personal favourite was the salmon and mango, closely followed by the scallop and papaya. If you are a fan of langoustine and tuna, they are also part of the platter.

The hearty grilled octopus salad (125 AED), included potatoes and green leaves topped with a paprika aioli. We enjoyed it with a plate of freshly made squid ink linguine served with meaty with langoustine (130 AED).

We ended with a main course of the signature Kamchatka crab cooked in a flavorful red sauce that we scooped up with the crab meat. Perhaps a side of bread would have been a great option!

After such a filling meal, we didn’t have any space for dessert but at the insistence of our server, we tried the sheep milk mousse with blueberry ice cream (35 AED). It was an interesting combination of textures, colors and flavors,.

Taking inspiration from fish markets around the world, the restaurant features an ice market and large tanks of sea water where guests can select their fresh seafood and live crabs. Involving their guests in the selection of their main ingredients, the restaurant also features a special claw crane that dips into a large crab tank.

Crab Market in Dubai is located in Emirates Financial Towers, North Tower, 15th Floor Sheikh Zayed Road, DIFC.

reservations@crabmarket.com | +971 4 564 55 25



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