Go with a large group and you can order (almost) everything on the menu!

Bebemos is tucked away at Le Meridian Dubai Hotel by the Dubai Airport. Once inside the restaurant, the rustic decor will transport you straight to a tapas bar in the heart of Barcelona. The splashes of vibrant colours are inspired by artist Joan Miro modernist sensibilities.

Their extensive menu expands across the entire country of Spain and you will find the traditional favourites of hot and cold dishes.

The best part of a tapas menu is that we don’t have to restrict ourselves to just a few dishes, instead the more variety the better.

The restaurant prides itself in using specialty ingredients sourced straight from Spain- including Bomba rice, olive oil, Ñora peppers.

You don’t have to commit to just one dish, instead be sure to try the signature Pan Con Tomate,Potato Bravas, and Padron Peppers with Rock Salt. Other delicious highlights include Octopus Galician Style, Potatoes and Pimenton and the crispy Croquetas. The Prawn Al Ajillo is also delightful. Each one of these small plates are exploding with authentic flavors.

The one larger dish that you can’t possibly leave without trying is of course, Paella. Although there is a variety of options, our pick of Black Rice with Calamari, Prawns and Clams was brought out straight from the stove and served in the shallow pan. It was rich in taste and a decadent way to end this fabulous meal.

Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road,

+971 4 702 24 55


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