Some of our fondest memories of the Big Apple are enjoying the city’s pizzas. The thin crust, hand-tossed pizzas were available on most street corners and impossible to resist.  All those memories came flooding back when we arrived at The Pizza Guys; a newly opened New York style joint in Business Bay.

Forget Italian pizzerias, as you will be transported straight to a midtown Manhattan eatery when you step through the doors. Everything screamed NYC; from the exposed ceilings and colourful wallpaper with famous landmarks, to the subway map on the wall. The day we dined, the place was full of Americans so the scenery was complete.

When it came to the menu, we immediately gravitated towards The Godfather – with such an imposing title, we expected something grand.  It exceeded our expectations with the very unusual (at least for us) Wagyu Beef meatballs, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan. We quickly polished it off.  It sounds risky, but works so well.

We didn’t have much space left for dessert, but went ahead anyway and ordered the chocolate chip cookie.  Moist and gooey, it was an absolute delight.

The Pizza Guys is a no-fuss type of place serving good, wholesome and tasty food.

The Pizza Guys
Mezzanine Level at Bay Avenue
Tower F
Executive Towers, Business Bay
Tel: 800-8434897

Please note that we dined anonymously and paid the bill !

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