Thanksgiving in Dubai

Thanksgiving made easy by Clinton St Baking.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, 28thNovember 2019. If you want to celebrate this American Holiday in Dubai, then we know just the place that has both dine-in and takeaway options for a grand turkey feast.

Clinton St Baking is now already taking orders for takeaway (although you must call 48 hours in advance) and will also be serving Thanksgiving dinner on the evening of the 26thand 28that their restaurant.

Whole Turkey Takeaway (625 AED)

Whole roasted turkey (5-6 Kg) on a bed of kale and red currants garnish, served with homemade gravy (400 g).


  • Sweet potato with candied pecans (350g)
  • Mashed potato (600g)
  • Truffle Brussels sprouts (400g)
  • Maple glazed carrots (350g)
  • Cranberry sauce (200g)
  • Sage and thyme stuffing (250g)
  • Home made gravy (400g) 
Baked items
  • Whole loaf of jalapeno corn bread
  • Mini jalapeno corn bread (12 pcs)
  • Butter milk biscuits, large (12 pcs)
  • Mini butter milk biscuits (12 pcs) 
  • Date cake, whole
  • Apple crumble pie
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Maple pecan pie

You can order an assortment of 4 inch 6 inch pies-each pie is priced differently)

Dine In Plated Turkey Dinner (AED 150)

Carved roasted turkey, 3 pieces from the breast and 3 pieces from the thigh roulade served with creamy mashed potato, homemade gravy, truffle Brussel sprouts, maple glazed carrots, pecan crumb sweet potato and organic cranberry sauce accompanied with a mini butter milk biscuit and a mini jalapeno cornbread. The meal is concluded with a slice of homemade pie.

Whole Dine In Turkey (AED 1200)

For a home feel experience, they will serve in the restaurant a whole roasted turkey (5-6 Kg) suitable for a group of 8 to 12 people including creamy mashed potato, homemade gravy, truffle Brussels sprouts, maple glazed carrots, pecan crumb sweet potato, organic cranberry sauce and half a dozen of each mini butter milk biscuit and mini jalapeno cornbread. Feast is completed with a selection of 3 mid size (6 inch) home baked pies including pumpkin pie, maple pecan pie and apple crumble pie.


Clinton St Baking
City Walk 2, Blg 10 shop #7
Tel: 04 3440705

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