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Love Food offers meal plans that will help you achieve your health goals without sacrificing on taste.

In a perfect world we would be cooking healthy meals on a daily basis. Of course, although the intentions are there, it never actually happens. When Love Food reached out to us to experience their healthy meal plan designed to help maximise health and wellness but never compromise on the taste we were excited to try it out.

Love Food ME in the UAE

Love Food offers 3 different meal plans, Vitality, Lifestyle and Power. We picked Vitality, a plan ideal for those who are watching their waistline without compromising on taste. The food is delivered early in the morning and is full of nutrition and made with carefully-sourced wholesome, organic ingredients that are free of added sugar and contain low GI.

The plan can be customized based on individual requirements-we picked the 5 day program with 3 meals and 2 snacks (there is an option for 2 meals plus 1 snack). The meals are also accompanied with 3 bottles of infused water.

The food was packed with flavor and imaginative-we were sent dishes that included Indian style hammour to grass fed beef filet. Breakfast was always exciting and energizing-waffles, eggs and granola, we loved the variety. Snacks like brownies, soup and cookies were the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

Love Food ME snacks



All the meals had a high standard and were completely derived from nature and made from scratch, no processed food, no GMOs or preservatives were added. All the dishes were fully prepared and everything was packed in reusable glass containers that we returned on a daily basis.

The details of the dishes can be found through the barcode scanner. They don’t have menus as the dishes depend on the fresh produce they receive daily so they don’t plan everything in advance.

Overall, it is the ideal plan for those who are looking for a convenient solution to eating healthy at home but are too busy, too lazy or too tired to cook their own meals at home.

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Love Food Me


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