Long Chim serves food from modern Bangkok.

Expo 2020 has so much to offer, including fabulous dining options. While the competition is tough and options are endless, we can safely say that Long Chim is one of the top restaurants at Expo 2020.

Serving food that one can find in the bustling markets and across the busy junctions of modern Bangkok, everything is delicious!

The menu consists of an array of mouthwatering dishes, making it very hard to pick just a few. For those that want to leave it up to the chef, it is best to go with the set menu.

We started our meal with the highly recommended southern-style squid skewers-perfectly cooked and served with a slightly tangy sauce, this starter is a must-try. Another popular dish that we noticed most of the tables had ordered was the platter of smoky chilli relish with crispy beancurd. A very unique concept, we adored the relish that was made with grilled shallots and tomato and quickly wiped the bowl clean with the side of veggies.

In the mains, the dry green curry of beef with black pepper, white turmeric, and thai basil is simple to look at but robust in its taste and texture. A generous serving, that is ideal with steaming hot jasmine rice and  a side of stir-fried siamese watercress (which by the way is simple but excellent!).
Everything we ordered was fabulous! Each dish has a medley of ingredients that work so well together. There are so many other dishes we are still keen to try, especially the deep-fried whole fish that was already sold out by the time we arrived!
Long Chim will surely transport you to the bustling streets of Bangkok.
Long Chim is located in the Mobility District, Expo 2020.



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