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Angelina tea room Dubai

Discover the Angelina Ramadan Delicatessen

To celebrate the Ramadan, the head executive chef of the cult Parisian tearoom Angelina, has created three Ramadan exclusive dishes that will be on offer during the Holy Month.

Our team was invited to taste these signature dishes, which were designed to enhance Middle Eastern influences without compromising their Parisian flair. Straight off the mark we were hooked with the presentation, flavors and story behind every dish.

The Baba Ganoush Soufflé

Baba Ganoush at Angelina Cafe in Abu Dhabi

The Baba Ganoush, also called moutabal is served as a warm soufflé, lying on a bed of salad with fresh herbs such as parsley, mint or dill and radish like flowers. The pepper pickles are marinated with cinnamon and dill, which adds an interesting touch. The dish is presented inside a salted crust prepared with the traditional vermicelli and Parmesan.

Priced at 75 AED, the soft soufflé had a distinguished cumin scent and the goat cheese flavor was very subtle and matched well with the aubergine. It was then topped with Duqqa, which is a homemade blend of different nuts (almonds, pecan, hazelnuts, walnuts and more).

Kousa Meshi

Kousa Meshi at Angelina Cafe in Abu Dhabi

Probably one of our favorite dishes, the Kousa Meshi (79 AED) looks like a green garden topped with miniature veggies – aubergines, zucchini flower and sweet peppers, stuffed with lamb and a mix of wild, basmati and red rice – which are laid out on a bed of green bread crusts with quinoa tabbouleh.

The dish is served along with a Puy Lentil Veloute which has a fresh flavor lemon infused flavor. Giving a local touch to this French dish, you can enjoy it separately or pour it inside the tabbouleh.


Spicy Thareed at Angelina Cafe in Abu Dhabi

Thareed is a traditional Arabic dish often prepared to break the fast for Iftar. Angelina Paris offers a version composed of the main ingredients such as slow cooked lamb shank, brick pastry, and three types of beans.

Slow cooked and braised for three hours at 140 Celsius Degrees with a mix of the traditional seven spices, the meat taken off the bone is mouth watering. A thin brick pastry holds black bean, chickpeas and cannellini. The soup is prepared with the spicy lamb juice, onions and tomatoes, which you can enjoy either on the side or mixed with the other ingredients. This hearty dish costs 119 AED.

The sweet and signature Angelina touch

Of course, a visit to Angelina wouldn’t be complete without tasting two of their signature desserts. The hot chocolate also called ‘L’Africain‘ and the Mont-Blanc, an iconic pastry served since 1903 in Paris combining meringue, light whipped cream and chestnut paste vermicelli.

The Angelina Ramadan experience completely won us over. We really enjoyed the charm and refined atmosphere, attentive waiters, and Art Deco design.

Angelina Cafe is open daily during Ramadan from sunset till 1am.

Dubai Mall (Fashion Avenue – Ground Floor) – Tel: +971 4 4429112
Mall of The Emirates – Tel: +971 4 379 4560


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