A cup of cappuccino covered in chocolate.

CioccolatItaliani is the long-established Italian chocolate shop that now has a brand right here in Dubai. An absolute delight for the young and old, they display their wares for everyone to see-behind glass panels and in jars lined across the counter.

The restaurant is a chocolate heaven-it is processed and presented in so many different manners and most dishes are infused or served with chocolate whether sweet or savoury.

hotchoco photoAlthough most people would think this is a gelato shop, it is the coffee that brought us here. We placed an order for a cappuccino and the mug came completely covered in dark and milk chocolate. Yes, that’s right-with the exception of the handle, the cup is doused in chocolate. Of course there is no elegant way to really drink it. We found ourselves desperately licking the chocolate as we tried to make sure we didn’t get our clothes covered in it. It is messy and it drips but it really is great fun.

They offer a large range of coffees with a chocolate twist. Among the must-try drinks are Caffe Brasiliano (a sweet coffee cream topped with expresso frothy milk and cocoa powder), Caffee Ciocconocciolato (nutella with a shot of expresso).
In total they have more than 15 variations of chocolate drinks (hot and cold chocolate).

The cappuccino costs 32 AED.

BoxPark Dubai
Tel:+971 4 318 0186

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