Zero Gravity Brunch in Dubai

Zero Gravity offers the new Drift Series, a picnic package for a BBQ on the beach in Dubai every Saturday.

Want to unwind with a BBQ on the beach in Dubai?  As much as we love the idea of organizing a picnic with a live bbq station, it can be a huge hassle and difficult to plan out.  So when we received an invitation to try out the new Drift Series BBQ on the beach at Zero Gravity, we were excited to try it out.

Never having been to Zero Gravity we were amazed at the size of the venue-apart from the double-story indoor location, there is an outdoor bar plus a beach location that offers cabanas and sun loungers.  Just the type of place you could literally spend an entire day (and night) relaxing or then partying, if thats more your thing.

Once seated in the cabana-that comes with a stack of towels for whenever you want to head into the water, the meal begins with a selection of cold cuts and cheese.  There is an option of beverages to also pick from depending on the package you choose.  As we munched on the appetizers, our grill was fired up and a large quantity of meat, seafood, chicken and vegetables were brought over.  The fun of course was in the grilling-a fun way to challenge friends to showoff their cooking skills.  The meal ends with a refreshing platter of freshly cut fruit.

The Drift BBQ is really a fun day out-a great way to chill out with friends in an amazing location.  A chance to play play volleyball, listen to the live DJ (Adam Baluch), or then lay out in the sun, simply relaxing, whilst enjoying the delicious spread.

Drift picnic packages start from AED733 for groups of two to five – which includes two selections from the sharing beverage menu.

Zero Gravity
Tel:+971 4 399 0009

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