surfboard paddling dubai
surfboard paddling dubai

SUP (stand-up paddling) or paddle board is a great outdoor sport for all ages and it is now available in Dubai.

Ever since Jennifer Anniston was pictured balancing on a surfboard with paddle in hand, the craze for SUP (stand-up paddling) or paddle boarding, has gone global. Her resplendent abs make the perfect advertisement for this alfresco fad, which utilises core muscles to keep you upright as you paddle a surfboard just like you would a canoe.

Easier than surfing (you do it on still waters) and canoeing (you’re less likely to roll your board), most people can master SUP in under 30 minutes.  SUP Lessons and rentals are available and you can learn everything you need to know from the trained coaches coaches.

There  variety of lesson options for all ages so its a fun and entertaining way to spend time with the entire family-especially when the weather is great.

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