Try your hand at yoga classes in Dubai at Yogia-Mindful Living by Patricia Jacobsen.

When looking for yoga classes in Dubai, Yogia-Mindful Living caught our attention for many reasons.  The brainchild of Patricia Jacobsen, a dedicated yoga teacher, the classes are always different because she is focused upon taking in the energy from her yogis and then moving forward. Her goal is to make all the students feel comfortable and reach their personal goals through their ability.

More than just a fitness oriented class, the hour long sessions are aimed at energising, calming, strengthening, toning and relaxing and after a few times you already feel a difference.  Focused on breathing and meditation, each posture is connected to an organ or a system.

Patricia also has yoga classes dedicated to ladies who have or had breastcancer and the class is tailored to their needs and issues, the treatment often brings along challenges.

Recovery yoga classes are for those who have suffered an injury and on a one to one base, lessening the impact of the injury, bringing back trust and build up strength and muscles.

Teenage girls yoga, to empower the girls and give them tools to combat the stress of growing up.

Prices starts 70 AED for 1 session, 325 for 5 group sessions 600 AED for 10 group sessions.

To get a full schedule of the yoga classes and to book a session you can contact Patricia Jacobsen directly at +971 55 7544189 or email

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