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Halawa Wax is an ancient waxing technique that is available in Dubai.

Cleopatra was known for her indulgent, yet highly effective beauty regime – so when we heard that the Ancient Egyptian Queen was supposedly a fan of Halawa Wax, we couldn’t wait to try it.

Whilst hair removal waxes used in salons today are often heavy in chemicals, the ingredients contained in Halawa wax (mainly sugar, lemon and water) are all natural. The thick-textured wax is heated and applied to skin, before being removed with a soft cloth. Hair is pulled from the skin with the cloth, leaving the body totally smooth and fuzz-free.

The results are well worth the inevitable pain of waxing – and when you start using Halawa wax, you’ll notice that your skin feels softer and hair grows back far more slowly.

So if you’re cursed with unwanted hair in all the wrong places, this treatment is definitely one to try.

Halawa Wax
(Prices for a full arm wax start at 70 AED)
Zen Asia Spa
Tel: +9714-45723740/+9714-4572350

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