Thai Food Market Westin Dubai

Spice Emporium at Westin Mina Seyahi hosts ‘Bangkok Market’ every Monday for a taste of authentic Thai food in Dubai.

Bangkok is an absolute favorite for those who love that no-fuss foodie experience.  The street food vendors are almost on every corner of the city, serving some of the most delicious and authentic Thai food.  Here in Dubai we want that same experience, and that is why an invitation to ‘Bangkok Market’ really had the foodie in us excited.

‘Bangkok Market’ is set up outdoors and the decor is simple yet charming.  A line of street carts are parked on one side and decorated with bunting and colorful lanterns.  The concept is to stop at each cart and place your order, the food is then brought out to the table.  Divided up into different sections, there is a salad bar, grill, steamed duck, soup, curries and of course dessert.

There is a lot of food, so be prepared to stay a while and enjoy the feast.  We began by going straight for the soup and salad.  The prawn papaya salad was refreshing and tasty and the dumpling soup was comforting and wholesome.  In the mains we couldn’t help ourselves and over order.  Watching the cooks skillfully prepare the food on live stations, we just had to try it all.  Our order of pad thai, green curry, seafood stir-fry and steamed ducks were all cooked to perfections and the flavors well-balanced.  For those who want something more healthy, there is an entire grill selection of meat, seafood and poultry that is accompanied with a host of different sauces.

Overall, ‘Bangkok Market’ is a really fun experience-that consists of 5-star quality food in a quaint and authentic setting.

Bangkok Market (on Monday nights only for 195 AED per person)
Spice Emporium
Westin Mina Seyahi
Tel: +971 4 511 7136


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