Crab Shack at Monty’s in Address Montgomerie.

If you are an avid golfer then you may have already been to the Address Montgomerie. This charming golf club and hotel is tucked away by the Emirates Hills and within this discreet location, is their signature restaurant, Monty’s. Named after the golf legend and course designer, Colin Montgomerie, Monty’s is a fantastic place to relax by the 18th hole while having some delicious international cuisine.

Their weekend offering of the crab and seafood platters complete with apron and gloves is one of the highlights that we were very excited to try. Showcasing a delectable selection of crabs, calamari, prawn the huge platter is brought out straight to the table. The accompaniments include generous portions of white rice served on a banana leaf and corn on the cob and an array of sauces and even crispy onions!

Guests are given the option of their seafood being cooked in classic black pepper sauce, garlic and butter or spicy tomato sauce as accompaniments. We picked black pepper sauce, which gave the food a nice heat without taking away from the fresh flavors of the seafood.

It is a messy affair, as you try and get every last bite of the meat from the crab or then just dig in with your hands and scoop up the rice. The perfect spot for seafood lovers, the place is buzzing on the weekends!

Crab Shack at Monty’s in Address Montgomerie

Day & Time:Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5pm until 9pm

Price:AED 240 for two people

For reservations, please call +97148883444 or email


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