edible arrangement dubai
edible arrangement dubai

A healthy and thoughtful gift for Ramadan.

Invited to an Iftar or Suhoor gathering and wondering what to take for your host this Eid? Edible Arrangements have the perfect Ramadan-themed bouquets that will make a sweet and very welcome gift.

With prices starting at 165 AED, the creative arrangements include fruit, dates and chocolates that have been beautifully carved to look like flowers. There are plenty to choose from, with options for every taste and budget. Our personal favourite contains a tempting combination of exotic fruit and dates.

Our personal favourite is the special Eid one that is a lovely arrangement that includes pineapple moon and star shapes along with dates dipped in chocolate with delicious toppings such as coconut, almonds, and pistachios and is priced at 250 AED.

The website allows you to place orders online in advance, with both delivery and pick-up options available. The freshly cut fruit is tasty, healthy and makes a great table centerpiece.

Edible Arrangements

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